Companies, Startups & NGOs

UX Talent is of many types and specialties –

just as Companies, Startups and NGOs have differing needs.

We work with you to configure the ideal match for your organization with the UX specialty that you need.

Our Unique Skill-Match Process – Faster & Better

IT Product Companies
Startup Companies

Companies, Startups & NGOs

The Talent Seekers

Competency-Needs Analysis

We map the various skill-sets and competencies needed to fill the JD.

Easy & Rapid Choice-making

Through our video interview platform.

We present the candidate interviews to Companies for easy choice-making.

UX Talent

The Opportunity Seekers

Competency Mapping

We map over 10 UX competencies of the candidates.

Competency Ascertaining

We ascertain Candidate qualities & Skillsets via

  • Robotic Self interview
  • Technical Interview
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