Answer by Sensei Uexi:

Dear FreshieUXGirl_23,

Actually, the answer will have to do more with your personality and what you find meaningful or necessary! So there is no hard and fast rule here.

However, here are some things for you to consider in your decision-making –

  • Am I willing to take a chance on this startup succeeding? Does it have funding? Can it offer me  a salary that at least ensures that I am not hard-up, if not a really great salary?
    • Here you have to consider that not all startups succeed. Startup investors expect only a tiny percentage of their investments to make good money, which is supposed to make up for their loss in the rest of their portfolio companies. So what are your options, if you invest two years of your life in the startup, but it does not gain sufficient traction? Can you hedge your bets, like the investors do?
    • Since there is always a risk of the startup not succeeding, are you able to take a gamble that your stocks may not be worth much even after 2-3 years?
  • Is the startup showing good promise and attention from investors? Does the leadership team seem to know what they are doing, for the success of the company?
  • Do you find it meaningful and satisfying to work in the startup? Lot of people learn a lot in startups as they face new challenges with flexibility in their roles. If the startup promises to have a good impact, that can feel satisfying to those working there, as they feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment, as opposed to working in a mature company, where there are established processes, roles and hierarchies. Some people find the sense of security in a big company fulfilling, depending on their stage of life (like, if you are planning to start of family, and need a stable income).

May your choice lead to a more fulfilling and enriched life!



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